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Municipal Law and Special Districts
Our lawyers serve as trusted counsel for Colorado municipalities and special districts, but where there is no conflict of interest, our firm also represents individuals and businesses involved in transactions or disputes with municipalities or special districts and in criminal cases arising out of municipal citations alleging zoning or land-use violations. Althought based in Boulder, we represent clients in Denver and throughout Colorado.
Municipal Law

Mark Cohen is an experienced Boulder municipal lawyer serving clients across Colorado.  He has served in all three branches of municipal government. As City Prosecutor for the City of Westminster he successfully represented the City in dozens of jury trials involving allegations of domestic violence, drafted and interpreted ordinances, authored opinions on municipal home rule, and prepared memos for the City Attorney and the City Council on a variety of issues.  He has a strong knowledge of municipal laws, and will represent municipalities and citizens dealing with municipalities. 

As a member of the Executive Board of the Colorado Municipal League he worked with the CML staff to monitor developments in the legislature and to advocate on behalf of municipalities. 

As a municipal judge for Boulder for more than eighteen months, Mr. Cohen regularly heard criminal cases and cases involving alleged violations of zoning laws. He interpreted city ordinances and dealt with requests under the Colorado Open Records Act.  He also served as the municipal judge for the Town of Lochbuie in Weld County for eight years.  He sometimes defends citizens and organizations charged with violating municipal laws or municipal zoning regulations.

Mr. Cohen served as an elected member of his town’s Board of Trustees for four years and also served on the Board of Zoning Adjustment for two years prior to that. Mr. Cohen is familiar with the Colorado Open Meetings Law. He is also familiar with the laws governing intergovernmental agreements (IGA’s) and has first-hand experience in drafting and implementing them.  Mark has  successfully represented plaintiffs in civil suits brought against political subdivisions. He is thoroughly familiar with the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act.

Special Districts

As special district lawyers we know that special districts have special problems. Because they are political subdivisions they must comply with laws that do not apply to private organizations, but unlike state agencies and large municipalities they generally do not have the benefit of in-house counsel. Most special district Board members are citizens that were elected to an unpaid office, and they generally have other jobs that limit the amount of time they can devote to the special district duties. For this reason, the leaders of special districts need to know that when an issue arises they will be able to speak with their lawyer immediately. At TCLG we are proud of the high level of service we provide to our special district clients.

As long-time counsel for High Country Fire Protection District (now Timberline Fire Protection District), one of the larger fire districts in Colorado,
Mr. Cohen became an experienced Colorado fire district lawyer. He is familiar with the laws pertaining to fire districts and special districts in general, including laws governing elections as well as the formation and consolidation of special districts. He is also knowledgeable about the laws governing the inclusion of new parcels in a special district. He is thoroughly familiar with the laws that apply specifically to fire protection districts and to pensions for volunteer firefighters. He was actively involved in drafting the Intergovernment Agreement that created the Timberline Fire Authority. Mr. Cohen has experience in the interpretation and application of the TABOR Amendment.

Mr. Cohen also served as counsel for Gilpin Ambulance, Inc., a nonprofit corporation was funded in part by Gilpin County, the City of Black Hawk, and Central City. Gilpin Ambulance worked closely with several local fire districts, but was recently dissolved and replaced by a new Ambulance Authority.

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