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Equine Law (Horse Law)

Mr. Cohen advises equine professionals concerning the liability of those engaged in equine activities. He is thoroughly familiar with the Colorado statutes governing equine activities. As a Colorado equine lawyer he regularly drafts and reviews documents such as:
  • Boarding contracts
  • Breeding agreements
  • Training agreements
  • Sales contracts
  • Liability waivers or releases
  • Statutory warning notices
  • Agistor's liens
He is experienced in preparing and foreclosing agistor's liens and in defending such foreclosure actions.  He also has experience in replevin and prejudgment attachment actions involving horses.  He is knowledgeable in the law of equine liability and related areas such as nuisance laws, negligence, and premises liability.

In one case he successfully defended the operator of a stable in a civil suit arising out of the death of a horse. In another he successfully represented the purchaser of a horse in a civil suit (replevin) brought by the seller after the transaction had been completed in which the seller claimed there had been a misunderstanding as to which horse had been sold; the trial court awarded attorney’s fees to the firm’s client in that case, and the entire decision was affirmed on appeal.  In still another case, when a client's do-it-yourself agistor's lien was declared invalid, Mr. Cohen filed a civil action against the horse owners for unjust enrichment and obtained a verdict for his client in that action.
Although based in Boulder  County, as an equine lawyer, Mr. Cohen represents clients in equine law matters throughout Colorado.

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