Taos Canyon by Chuck Ceraso
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Articles and Information

Contracts and Contract Law

    Ten Things to Consider Before Signing a Contract   

     A Brief History of "Legalese" and the Plain English Movement

     Plain English: The Basics

     Mediation, Arbitration, and Litigation

    17 Things to Consider Before Signing an Equipment Lease

    How to Draft a Bad Contract

    Why Businesses Should NOT Use Arbitration Clauses

Employment Law and Workplace Violence Law

     Elements of an Effective Workplace Violence Program

Trials and Litigation

     So You've Been Sued

     Litigating Like the Viet Cong: How to Win Against an Opponent with Superior Resources

Piercing the Corporate Veil / Corporate Veil Litigation

      A Brief History of Piercing the Corporate Veil

      (PDF version of a Power Point Presentation)

Criminal Law
     Entrapment by Estoppel

     The Law of Self-Defense for Martial Artists

Estate Planning and Probate Law

     Advice About Your Will and Related Documents

     Estate Planning Questionnaire

Veterans Resources

     Resources for Veterans


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